Developing real values.


«Pure Living» is Pure Living Joy
Conceived for people with a refined life style

Residents of «Pure Living» have become owners of an impressive and
unique dream home. The ambience is characterised by the green landscape,
a panoramic view on the lake, a charming garden landscape and fine
architecture. “Pure Living” is not only a home, “Pure Living” is also an
attitude to life.

This exclusive living experience is enhanced by the tax-favourable munici-
pality of Mörschwil that is close to the city. Mörschwil is the perfect place
of residence for people that want to savour likewise the advantages of the countryside and city. The village is located – also with public transport –
a mere 8 minutes from St. Gallen. Items for daily use can be found in
Mörschwil or within a 5-minute car ride towards the city.

«Pure Living» is destined for persons, which value a quaint living ambience
and enjoy being owners of a first-class property. «Pure Living» is pure joy
of living.

Kamata AG, CH-9052 Niederteufen
Kamata Development GmbH, CH-8045 Zurich
living area 173 - 197 m2