Developing real values.

All-Round Entertainment in a Historical Setting
One of the most striking industrial buildings in Switzerland, the „Kesselhaus“
in Winterthur, undergoes a transformation. There, where energy was once
produced for the Sulzer complex, a modern shopping and entertainment
center with approx. 4'200 m2 of sales surface, a multiplex cinema and a
modern gastronomy concept is being built. The real estate is adjacent to
the train station of Winterthur. The banking up of the „Bahnmeister“ path
leads to the creation of a spacious plaza that becomes the main portal of
the „Kesselhaus“. The shopping area as well as a restaurant with outdoor
seating are located at the basement and ground floor levels. A multiplex
cinema with six theaters and a total of 1'200 seats in the upper levels will
offer a new and unique cinema experience to Winterthur. The high-class
foodcourt and the bar/lounge with a unique architectural layout on the
first floor will entice guests to linger on and enjoy the visit.
Kamata Real AG, CH-9052 Niederteufen
Kamata Development GmbH, CH-8045 Zurich
A2017_architekten, CH-8045 Zurich
Area 2'957 m2
Gross floor area 10'400 m2
Volume of building
(according to SIA norms)
72'000 m3
Investment volume approx.
CHF 65 million
Building application May 2007
Start of construction works May 2008
Opening September 2010