Developing real values.

To Live And Work in the Factory
Keep the identity — create an unmistakable future without losing the refe-
rence to the past. In the complex of the long-established factory FeIler,
which is the leading producer of plugs, light switches and dimmers since
1909, the former production building as well as the manufacturer‘s villa
were converted into sixteen residential and studio lofts of different sizes
and conversion levels. Eight residential row lofts of 220 m2 living space
each were built in the bright white steel construction that dates back to the
turn of the century. Four one-storey lofts of 190 m2 each and a roof terrace
80 m2 big were constructed in the adjacent cement construction. The former
manufacturer‘s villa was transformed into office space as well as one-floor
lofts of 120 m2 and 168 m2. Two exclusive lofts are located in the truss.
The parking spaces as well as a fitness center can be found in the red-
orange painted wood construction that is on the hillside.
Feller AG, CH-8810 Horgen
Kamata Real AG, CH-9052 Niederteufen
Kamata Development GmbH, CH-8045 Zurich
Baldinger Architekten, CH-8045 Zurich
With the cooperation of: SK Design,
CH-8045 Zurich
Area 5'800 m2
New exploitation 16 Lofts
1'000 m2 fitness
600 m2 office/
workshop space
Conversion concept February 1996
Building application October 1996
Marketing October 1996
Building permit March 1997
Start of construction works June 1997
Occupancy March 1998