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Urban Living and Working in Zurich, Oerlikon
The apartment building, which is located in northern Zurich, strikes as
representative and calm; it is neighborhood-friendly and spacious. The
apartments are oriented in different directions: south towards the city
with its urban skyline, east towards the small park in front of the house,
north towards the adjacent neighborhood with rural, suburban houses.
There are modern, flexibly separable service surfaces for offices, work-
shops or doctors‘ offices on the ground floor.
On the upper floors there are three apartments on each level. The high
ceiling of 2.70 m offers even higher living quality to the spacious apart-
ments of over 120 m2.
There are two apartments in the attic. They each have spacious roof
terraces of over 40 m2 and offer an exclusive view.

An oasis of tranquility in the middle of a vibrant district.

Project - Construction of a new apartment building
Kamata Development GmbH, CH-8045 Zurich
tk3 AG, CH-8050 Zurich

17 apartments
351 m2 service space
Investment volume

CHF 9 million